Are Computer Glasses Right For You?

Computer glasses have lenses that are specifically designed to help reduce eye strain associated with long hours in front of a computer. These glasses have increased in popularity since many people traded workstations for home office setups.

If you wear readers or progressive lenses that aren’t designed for hours in front of a screen, you may find yourself leaning forward or tilting your head back to see the computer clearly. This can put unnecessary strain on your neck, shoulders and back and make working at a computer uncomfortable.

Computer lenses have a wide field of vision.

Computer lenses capitalize on recent advances in lens technology; they offer a wide field of vision at an intermediate range – about 20” to 26” – so wearers can see their computer monitor clearly and comfortably.

These glasses can also be customized to help correct specific vision needs. For example, someone who works at a computer and needs to see clearly across the room will have different fields of vision than someone who needs to look at fine details or small print all day.

In addition to customized computer lenses, two other options are available to help reduce eye strain and make computer or mobile screen time more comfortable.

1. Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective coating on lenses reduces glare and light reflections from lamps, computer screens and nighttime traffic, your favorite summertime lake or snowy ski trail. Anti-reflective lenses also ensure photos capture your beautiful eyes (and not the camera’s flash!).

2. Blue-Light-Blocking Lenses

Blue-light-blocking lenses filter out the blue light emitted by computer and smartphone screens, LED lights and fluorescent lighting that can contribute to dry, tired eyes, headaches, and sleepless nights. (Read more about blue light glasses on our blog.)

And you don’t need a strong vision correction prescription to benefit from blue-light lenses! Low-power blue-light lenses have become popular with younger people wanting to reduce eye strain and fatigue after a day in front of the computer.

All in all, using computer glasses can lead to less strain on your eyes and your body. And the good news is that almost any pair of glasses can be transformed into computer glasses, however, the range of vision is wider in frames with larger lenses.

If you have questions about computer glasses or want to find the pair that’s perfect for you, make an appointment with one of our professional opticians today.