Modern art for your face! 

From the eyewear capital of the world (Paris to you and me) comes the collection of Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth. Face à Face frames strike a rare and delicate balance, pushing the boundaries of fashion, yet never overshadowing the face on which they sit. Brilliant combinations of flat and wire titanium, innovative temple details and lively color mean that you will be noticed. Face à Face designers display exceptional sensitivity to the character of your face, so the frames enhance your appearance instead of defining it. InVision Exclusive. Handmade in France.

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Anouk 1

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Bocca 20s 1

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Bocca Dali 1

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Bocca Senso 1

Bowie 1

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Gipsie 1

Hollow 1

Issey 1

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Typpo 1

Bocca Song

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