Classically French, Slightly Fantastical

“Make everyone look prettier” is the simple goal that drives Francis Klein designer Betty Klein to extravagant heights. Wearing her frames is a step into a softer, slightly fantastical world. While other collections are minimalizing, Betty adds beautiful details, including engraving, flowers sculpted from precious metal, Swarovski crystals and eye-popping color. Francis Klein eyewear features shapes that are classic French – lots of uplift, true cat-eyes and steeply angled brow lines – that make these glasses joyful and exuberant to wear while projecting the confidence of someone who understands and enjoys her own style.

Very much a small, family-run business, Francis Klein was founded by Francis and Michelle Klein in the 1970s and today is run by their daughters, Betty and Dixie. Both opticians, Betty has a degree in fashion design and paints all the illustrations that brilliantly capture the spirit of the brand. An InVision exclusive.

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