Contemporary European Looks, Bright Colors  

Oxibis offers fun, modern shapes with some of the best, most vibrant colors in eyewear today. Made by hand in the Haut-Jura region, the jewel of the French eyewear industry, Oxibis uses high-quality acetate, inox (stainless steel), and XP2, a very strong, proprietary plastic. Make an appointment or visit any InVision store to find your new glasses.

Showing 21 styles

Alto (AL1)

Alto (AL3)

Alto (AL4)

Alto (AL5)

Iggy (IG5)

Iggy (IG7)

Loop (LO8)

Loop (LO11)

Loop (LO13)

Loop (LO20)

Loop (LO25)

Loop (LO26)

Punchy (PN2)

Puls (PU3)

Puls (PU5)

Puls (PU6)

Tango (TA1)

Tango (TA2)

Tango (TA4)

Track (TR5)

Zef (ZP7)

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