Contemporary European Looks, Bright Colors  

Oxibis offers fun, modern shapes with lots of bright color options.  Oxibis’ beautiful finishes usually sit on fairly light “transparent” frames, so this is a great collection to look at if you want to get out of the neutral color palette without going overboard. They also have some rimless options and lots of frames that combine titanium with Oxibis proprietary (very strong) plastic called XP2.

Showing 12 styles

Bikini (BK)

Boost (BO)

Ero (ER)

Iggy (IG, acetate frames)

Iggy (IG, stainless steel frames)

Loop (LO, acetate frames)

Loop (LO, stainless steel frames)

Magnetik (MG)

Puls (PU)

Punchy (PN)


Ublo (UB)

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