The gift that keeps giving

Keep your lenses clear and fog-free with FogBlock.

The FogBlock cloth is the best option we've found to keep glasses clear and fog-free (and we've tried them all!)

The reusable coated microfiber cloth is unfogging believable! Just dampen your lenses and wipe evenly with the FogBlock cloth to keep your glasses clear and fog-free while wearing your face mask.

The Nerdwax FogBlock



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Product Details:

  • The Nerdwax FogBlock is a reusable coated microfiber cloth that keeps your lenses fog free.
  • Simply dampen your lenses and wipe evenly with cloth… boom! You are now UnFogettable.
  • Safe to use on all types of lenses and coatings.
  • Stays effective for 1 year or 300 applications when kept in pouch.