Sunglasses Lens Color Guide

The color of your sunglass lenses is more than just a fashion statement! Different lens colors filter light away from your eyes in different ways, which can affect depth perception and visual acuity.

Regardless of color, the most important part of your sunglass lenses is how much UV protection they offer.

Shades of Gray

Gray lenses are a popular neutral color, especially for polarized lenses. They provide protection against glare and bright reflections and are perfect for outdoor activities like skiing, fishing, and enjoying a sunny Minnesota day.
Featured style: Ellery by Götti

Brown Eyed 

Brown or amber lenses filter out brown tones and can help improve depth perception. A great all-around lens color, brown lenses are ideal on a sunny day when you need to see clearly at a distance—on the golf course, tennis court, or on a boat.
Featured style: Taylor by SALT

Green Screen

The most popular green lens tint—G15—was created in the 1930s for USAF pilots who needed to see clearly at a distance without distorting colors. Green lenses filter out blue light to reduce glare in all weather conditions, and are ideal when you’re spending time on the lake or the links, driving, or (obviously) flying. An optician favorite!
Featured style: Series 7: 7004 by Robert Marc NYC

Good as Gold

Gold, yellow or orange lenses are optimal for low-light conditions but can distort some colors. They provide exceptional depth perception and clarity, making them the color of choice for many athletes.
Featured style: Troubador by Garrett Leight

Blue Skies

Blue lenses provide enhanced color perception and can enhance contours around objects. These lenses reduce glare, provide excellent UV protection, and can have a calming effect on the eyes. Blue lenses are ideal for snowy, foggy, and misty weather conditions.
Featured style: M3023 by Matsuda

Look in the Mirror

Mirrored lenses have a special metallic coating that reflects glare and reduces the amount of light that enters the eye. Mirrored sunglasses are a great option for outdoor activities on sunny days, however, since your eyes are hidden behind a one-way mirror, they may come across as a bit anti-social.
Featured style: M3080 by Matsuda


Polarized sunglass lenses use a special coating to reduce light glare and eyestrain. Polarized lenses block light that bounces off water, snow, and metallic surfaces on sunny days, so objects look clearer and crisper. Be aware that polarized lenses can distort LCD screens, like your cell phone or car’s dashboard display.
eatured style: Series 5: 5012 by Robert Marc

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