Why InVision?

Let us explain with our four F-words


We love the designers we get to work with at InVision. We have the cool stuff! There’s only a handful of optical designers worldwide moving the industry forward creatively and we’re fortunate to work with most of them. They’re all independent companies. Some are respected global brands, some are studios that consist of only a few people. All share certain InVision values: quality, value, fit and aesthetic integrity. They know who they are as designers and while their collections evolve and stay fresh, they also retain the unique expression of the individual designer.


It’s all about fit. Whether you want to blend or make a bold statement, fit is what makes a frame look good on your face. Would you like to try something different, but can’t find anything that looks right? We help folks with that problem every day. Think you can’t wear a cat-eye or a chunky vintage shape? Maybe you just haven’t tried the right one yet. Time to explore your options with an InVision optician who knows all the options.


InVision opticians are inspired experts who love their work. We’ll never push you to buy a frame that’s not right, because we know we can find one that’s perfect for you. We guarantee our honest opinion, because why bother, otherwise? The point is to help you find something that is right for your style, your budget and how you wear your glasses. A friendly attitude and having lots of options to offer makes shopping with us fun.


We’re going to make sure you see as clearly and comfortably as you possibly can. Some shops – online retailers especially – would like you to believe that lenses are a one-size-fits-all proposition. That can be a very efficient way to maximize profits, but it’s not the best way to correct your vision. The truth is, lenses are complicated, precision instruments that come in a dizzying range of designs, materials, base curves and coatings. Just keeping up with the latest technology requires a strong commitment to ongoing education, which all InVision opticians participate in.

The InVision Lens is not a particular design or material, it’s the lens that your InVision optician helps you choose, taking into account your correction needs, the frame design, how you wear your glasses, your budget and other factors. An InVision lens includes the best-quality appropriate coatings and comes with a 2-year, one-time scratch warranty. It’s also the best lens value in the Twin Cities.